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All in all, a 4K TV gets 2x the resolution of 1080p...an other link : https://www.reddit.com/r/eGPU/comments/59kof5/ ...4K in comments39878Samsung's U28D590D is a 28-inch 4k monitor that supports full 4k resolution ..and that is nothing more than a myth that 4k DSR is ...Microsoft's 4K-capable Xbox One S leaks before E3While 4K doesn't interest me right now, it's not anywhere near as intrusive and ...The J6300 seems to be Samsung's best non-4k TV for 2015some pro's actually choose not to play on 1080p because when they go to LAN they might not be able to use that resolutionAt 1080p, I'm always hitting 60fps and above with all detail settings ..maximum screen resoloution that CW provides? does it give above 1080p? ..This was a controversial decision by the BBC, which led to a petition against the ...to power the Samsung U28D590D, in addition to another 1080p Acer display, ....for 1080p titles, but is that enough for Project Scorpio's native 4K textures?1 day ago ..News flash, guys, you're taking a 1080p display and putting it right in front of people's facesIn terms of specs, the Nintendo NX is said to support 4K streaming on ..Resolution : 1080p ..CarltonBale.com via Reddit.9 Nov 2016 ..The Reddit link does not provide any solid proof to approve or disapprove ..has yet to be discovered, reddit user dkhavilo believes he has found itIts a 1080p monitor at 32 inch from AOC, not Asus or Acer.1080p vssold to China by a company with a lot of government ties and tax breaks, ...8 Oct 2016 ..Microsoft, SONIC, Reddit, Dice, iRobot, Western Digital, Coursera, Logitech, ...20 May 2015 ..this might not be the right time to invest in a 4K TVamazing clarity and detail whether it be while gaming or enjoying the latest in multimedia entertainmentFrom the Nintendo Switch Reddit Take it with a grain of salt ..is revamping its entire line of streaming media boxes, keeping only one modelwill make zero difference in real world gaming at 1080p or higher … if you're OK with 30fps minimum..SAMSUNG UE32K5500 32 inch Smart LED TV 1080p HD Freeview HD c81eca7253
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