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Retrieved December 22, 201130 November 2006: Audio (mp3 file) Text (html) Vintage oenology, Stradivari and the sound of music, the mysterious Antikythera mechanism, metamaterials and terahertz, and the economics of energy28 July 2016: Listen now Download mp3This week, how we time our breathing, working with indigenous peoples, and using yeast genetics to build better beer10 October 2013: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, creating clouds to ease climate change, a new drug for multiple sclerosis, and was the Amazon once an orchard? 03 October 2013: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, how some of Mars' craters came from supervolcanoes, why scientific myths spread and stick around, and a particle accelerator on a chipPodcast Extra - Extremes: Listen now Download mp3Dr Kevin Fong discusses the limits of human survival - the basis of his new book Extremes06 October 2016: Listen now Download mp3This week, a limit to lifespan, AI's black box problem, and ageing stem cells Nature Extra: Backchat September 2016: Listen now Download mp3The challenges of getting into science, getting a decent salary once youre in, and funding through philanthropy19 January 2012: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, the changing face of the Amazon, the genetics of staying sharp as you age and crowd-sourced fundingNew York

Plus, the best of the rest from this week's Nature4 December 2008: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html) Cancer stem cells and tumour development, predicting the size of tsunamis, spotting a supernova from 1572, the future of farming, and our weekly news chat17 February 2011: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)Pretending to go to Mars, early human evolution and climate change impacts on extreme weatherI'm her boyfriendRetrieved December 16, 201108 March 2007: Audio (mp3 file) Text (html) Miniature dino genomes, silica alchemy, rescuing dwarf plants, the cancer genome, modelling Martian meteorologyukmva.com13 November 2014: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, vegetarian diets promise a greener, healthier future, plumbing the depths of depression, and black holes on the silver screenFr.7digital.com

Podcast Extra - Genetics Futures 1: Listen now Download mp3It is 10 years since the first draft of the human genome was published24 September 2015: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, looking back at malaria interventions, using private data for research, and how to twist a travelling neutron07 January 2016: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, science predictions for 2016, the effect of extreme weather on crops, and a new phase of hydrogen for the new yearPrefix MagPodcast Extra - The Invention of Science: Listen now Download mp3In a new book, historian David Wootton looks back on the scientific revolution

We use cookies to improve your experience with our sitePlus, the best of the rest from this week's NatureCountry Date Format Singapore[7] December 30, 2011 Digital download Luxembourg[66] January 2, 2012 Finland[67] France[68] Norway[69] Portugal[70] Australia[71] January 3, 2012 New Zealand[72] Sweden[73] January 9, 2012 Spain[74] January 10, 2012 Italy[75] January 17, 2012 Ireland[76] January 20, 2012 United Kingdom[77][78] January 22, 2012 January 23, 2012 7" vinyl Switzerland[79] January 23, 2012 Digital download Austria[80] March 23, 2012 Digital download (Remixes EP) Germany[81] CD (single) CD (Remixes EP) digital download ^ "Media Forest: Airplay chart"Hitparda Radio Top 100 Oficilna26 May 2016: Listen now Download mp3This week, how clouds form, a Neanderthal construction project, and comparing the meerkats

13 November 2008: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html) Learning who to trust, how cooling bird brains slows down song, controlling quantum dots for computing, how entrepreneurs think, and a round-up of science newsMichael Stacey reads you his favourite from May, Variations, by William MeikleLearn more in the first of a new podcast series: the Nature PastCast15 August 2013: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, smart windows beat the heat, remembering things that didn't happen, and the magnetic field around our pet black hole5 June 2008: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html) Thoughts about language with Steven Pinker, the effects of an acidifying sea, what fMRI scans actually show us, risky decision-making in humans and honeybees, and getting medicine from bench to bedside2 October 2008: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html) Fishy evolution in Lake Victoria, a tiny device for sensing magnetic fields, how some old wax-encased tissue samples hint at the life-story of HIV and the microscopic world of RNAIn partnership with Nature Reviews GeneticsAt the 2012 UK Music Video Awards, "Born to Die" won the "Best Pop - International Video" award, outranking her other songs "Blue Jeans" and "National Anthem" which were also nominees11 October 2007: Audio (mp3 file) Text (html) Jets from Saturn's moon, nifty gene evolution in yeast, being a nuclear weapons inspector, how words mutate over time, the Nobel Prizes and IgNobel Awards, and geological metaphors take a bashing on the Podium14 March 2013: Listen now Download mp3 Text (html)This week, the opening of the world's most sophisticated radio telescope, how painkillers could improve stem cell transplants, how much we know about quasars and the biology behind the new coronavirus e416df5c1e
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